About Us!
April 21, 2021
We had an idea that we could help the world be a better place by sharing the greatness in our local communities!

Talk About a Journey!

Co-Founder JR Robinson | Let's #BeAmazing Together

How JustMy Started!

​JustMy at first was nothing more than a hobby, I thought I had a business. Personal struggles were all too familiar to me and I won't go into those here. I was just a guy doing a lot of free stuff to help my community. I was simply operating on the idea that everyone needed a voice and so I set out to create that platform with just one thing in mind... Help everyone #BeAmazing.

A few years into this, after I had become familiar with a handycam and some quite sub-par video editing skills, Duy Nguyen showed up to help me build websites for clients as a side job while he was in dental school.  He never left.  Duy also wanted to help make an impact on the world. He just wasn't sure how.  So we upgraded out titles to co-found and we started building JustMyCities Corp., the business that is JustMy.

So, what is JustMy?

We have a belief that there is greatness in all of us.  Our communities, local businesses, and non-profits are all made up of people living their purpose.  The team here at JustMy is building digitalTOOLS to help LOCALS thrive.  Our first tool is myCARD and it is free when you #TeamUP with JustMy (but feel free to upgrade because I don't have a day job).  It is designed with a simple agenda, sharing your greatness (content, events, anything with a link) from across the web and letting you keep your audience and traffic, while helping them find all of your outlets.  Make better introductions, control your narrative, and expand awareness of who you are with digitalTOOLS from JustMy!

Let's #BeAmazing Together, Yours Truly JR Robinson

Helping . . .

How do we help? We look for local businesses and non-profits doing amazing things. Then we help them create more awareness with our digitalTOOLS and support! Check out just a few of the things #JustMy has helped with!

#JustMy Co-Founder gets Personal
The FunCrew of JustMy has been very active in support of the American Cancer Society
Helping Local Business Owners
We love helping Small Business owners like Chef Miavea Asberry
Helping Schools is important to us
Helping students and schools raise the bar on their potential is one way we are helping communities!

Why #TeamUP with JustMy?

At JustMy, you aren't just a client.  You are a member.  This means that while you grow and build your brand, you are growing and building the community around you.  A portion of every dime in revenue is used to support local businesses trying to get off the ground, it supports efforts to help local educational programs, and it's used to help local non-profits thrive.

At JustMy, no one is alone.  We looking for new ways to bring awareness to your brand and your local community every day.  The more team members that join, the more we as a team can uplift our communities!  Let's #BeAmazing Together!

Here are a few of our milestones at JustMy!

  • In our home market of Memphis, we have helped non-profits raise over $4 million
  • Our #BeAmazing tag has been used to promote positive events in the community over 151,000 times
  • JustMy has expanded into 185 cities across the country
  • #TeamUP with JustMy is being introduced to help 100,000 businesses and non-profits with Free Digital Tools, or they can upgrade to pro for as little as $1 per month!


What's next for You + JustMy?

We are kicking things off with myCARD from JustMy.  But this is only the start.  We have a slew of new Digital Tools in the works.   All are designed to help local members thrive while helping their community!  Here are just a few of the things we are working on!

  • Email Signatures from JustMy  |  Like the business card, email signatures needed to work a little harder at helping to share #BeAmazing content.  Email Signatures from JustMy brings the power of myCARD to every email you send!
  • The Digital Blast  |  Create Email and Social Blast using great content you already have!
  • The newsStand from JustMy  |  See all the Positive, Impactful, and Buzz Worthy news and events from your community in one place!  This is not another news outlet, it is the best of local news, local blogs, and local content providers brought together.  We fully support local journalism with the NewsSTAND from JustMy!This is just the start!  Let's #BeAmazing Together!